Please plan on arriving at the spa 10-15 minutes before your appointment.  We will have you fill out a Medical Consent form and review your health history.  We want you to be relaxed, so feel free to unwind in our relaxation room.  You will be escorted to one of the massage rooms where you can silence your cell phone and disrobe.




All of our treatments are performed while our clients are fully clothed.  Men and women can receive treatments in their undergarments and/or shorts.  Once you have gotten to your appropriate level of undressing, you can lay under the top sheet on the massage table. The technician will knock upon entering and will review the type of massage you would like.  If you have a particular area on which you would like the technician to concentrate, please let them know.  Communication is very important, so please let the technician know if the massage pressure, temperature, or technique is not comfortable for you.  The technician will keep the draped sheet in place and lift it only to work on the next area of your body.


Enjoy the time while your body rebalances and has stress points removed.  Let your muscles relax.  The technicians will take their cues from you.  Some people prefer conversation while others enjoy the serenity and tranquility brought on by silence. 




Once your massage has been completed, the technician will leave so that you can get dressed.  The technician will walk you to the front desk.  The suggested gratuity is 20%.  The front desk person can help you book your next appointment and recommend at-home products to help maintain your treatment.



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